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New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman

APR 2, 2021
CNN New Day Interview


The Derek chauvin trial resumes this morning after four days of very emotional testimony. The trial comes at the same time that many states are trying to restrict voting rights and some civil rights activists see a connection. Joining us is Bernice king, the daughter of martin Luther king Jr. And CEO of the king center. Also Al Vivian, the son of the reverend C.T. Vivian. Friends, great to have you both here. I want to start by getting your thoughts on — it’s been a very emotional week of the Derek chauvin trial. You tweeted, watching a human call out for his mother while another human hands nonchalantly in his pockets presses his knee into the distressed human’s neck. It’s an evil inhumanity traumatic to witness. 


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